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Advertising flags are necessarily advertisements put upon flags. This is a separate form of advertisement and marketing strategies which has a different physical form to grab more attention compared to the usual banners.

We at Print Banners offer a range of advertising options. Among the most popular and in-demand ones are advertising flags. This is an efficient way of putting one’s message across. We not only work on outdoor flag printing for events but also for events that are held indoors.

We offer advertising flags banner in a multitude of shapes and a variety of sizes. This is done to serve the needs of every client. Be it a trade fair, a festival, an indoor event, or big-budget show, expect our advertising flags to draw attention.

We believe in flexibility as our customer’s demands are the foremost priority for our team. We customize our flag’s shapes, designs and sizes to fit the requirements of every client and flatter our client’s client.

We have a specialized team who can handle your customized double-sided advertising feather flags requests in a short span of time. We also make teardrop flags & pole flag. This is sure to attract more new customers due to its elegance and attractive shape.

  • Same day delivery of the order
  • High quality and high-resolution digital printing of the project.
  • Premium quality, super-sized fabric
  • Unique $& unmatched quality of graphics
  • Attachment items are included with the order. This includes pole set which ensures easy
  • installation and a firm base for the flag.
  • Eco-friendly packaging ensures a sustainable market.
Don’t stop at basic advertising banner options. Opt for something that is a big hit in the market. Go for advertising flags that are sure to make your purpose fruitful.

Dream of something unique and we promise you to transform your dreams into reality.
Outdoor Advertising Flags

Outdoor advertising flags are an effective way to advertise your logo or message. Print Banners makes outdoor flags that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use for events and general advertising purposes. We offer a variety of advertising flags, including double sided feather flags, econ feather flags, feather angle flags, tear drop flags, pole flags, and more.

Custom double sided feather flags are the perfect way to ensure that your message is seen at an outdoor festival, trade show, or event. The free lying edge of the flag prevents it from wrapping around the pole, so it will be easily seen.

We have a variety of flags in styles and sizes to accommodate every need and fit any budget. Our econ feather flag is made using 4 oz. polyester flag material and includes a ground spike for displaying your flag. The feather angle flag is designed in a popular graphic shape for indoor or outdoor use. A carrying bag is available for easy transportation.

Flag printing is performed using the best quality products and state of the art equipment. Our flags are high resolution digitally printed at 720 x 720 using a dye sublimation process. The result is an image that is high quality, clear, and scratch resistant.

We can create teardrop flags & pole flag products that are customized to your needs. Teardrop flags offer an eye-catching graphic shape that is useful for advertising your brand or message at indoor and outdoor events. Heavy duty hardware options include a ground stake to fit your pole set and a heavy duty cross base for easy set up. Tear drop flags are available in four different sizes and pole flags are offered in three sizes, as well as custom flag sizes.

Advertising Flags make a good medium for communication messages

One of the many products offered at Print Banners are the popular Advertising Flags. This medium allows you to have your logo or symbol printed along with your advertising or communication message, which then complements your marketing efforts. Advertising Flags depending on the type chosen can be used for both outdoor – exhibitions, displays, events – and indoor messaging. Our eco-friendly printing services are excellent whilst ensuring same day delivery of Advertising Flags.

Our Advertising Flags are designed to suit your needs

Thus we offer an assortment of different flags with various eye-catching shapes and sizes from Teardrop Flag to Econo Stock Flag to Custom Pole Flag. Other formats of Advertising Flags include Giant Flag, Feather Angled Flag, Rectangle Flag. Perhaps mention needs to be made of our Feather Angle Flag, available in a popular graphic shape, designed for both outdoor and indoor usage. Our Tear Drop Flags are also unusually shaped, which are extremely eye catchy. In short the Flags are available in different shapes and sizes, and of course, colours and materials too. Print Banners fabricates and prints flags with long lasting durable inks, including soy inks to reduce the carbon footprint. Our Flags are designed to suit different pockets and needs. Many of the Flags are available with easy, convenient Carry Bags, so carting them from destination to venue becomes an easy task. The images alongside will give you a better and clearer picture. For any queries or assistance we are easily available at our toll free number.

Not just soft Flags, but hardware too!

We don’t stop at providing you with just the Flags, so yes,we also provide the hardware for the said Flags. Some options include a ground stake to dig in the pole set, and also a heavy duty base for stability and easy installation.

Econo Feather Flag

Outdoor Flag - Ground Spike included

Our Best Selling Flag!

Econo Feather Flag
Custom Pole Flag

Hem & grommet for pole installation

1 or 2 sided graphic

Custom Pole Flag
Teardrop Flag

Indoor and outdoor capable

Eye-catching graphic shape

Carrying bag available 

Teardrop Flag <nl></nl> (Small)
Feather Angled Flag

Indoor and outdoor capable

Popular graphic shape

Carrying bag available

Feather Angled Flag <nl></nl> (Small)
Rectangle Flag

Indoor and outdoor capable

Easy to design for graphic shape

Rectangle Flag <nl></nl> (Small)
Giant Flag

Indoor and outdoor capable

Water base included

Giant Flag <nl></nl> (Large)
Econo Stock Flag

Outdoor Flag - Ground Spike included

Ready-to-Print designs

Econo Stock Flag
Flag Hardware
Flag Hardware
Feather Convex Flag:


So call or visit us, check our Advertising Flags and watch your sales soar!

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