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Fabric banners are growing in popularity because they offer several advantages over vinyl banners. Fabric banners are more attractive, don’t crease as easily, and can be folded flat for easy transportation and storage between events. In addition, the less reflective surface is better for events where flash photography will be used. Custom fabric banners from Print Banners are suitable for photo backdrops, table tops, and elegant pop displays.

Our wrinkle free cloth banner is made with a high quality printable 100% polyester 9 oz. fabric. The material is a three layered woven fabric that has minimal space between the threads. This allows for exceptional printing quality, compared with standard fabrics.

We are able to print your fabric banner in a variety of sizes to meet your unique needs, up to a maximum size of 8’ x 100’. A variety of finishing options are available to work with different outdoor fabric banner stands. Choose from pole pockets, sewn in rope, hem and grommets, D rings and webbing, Velcro, reinforced corners, and windslits.

We provide popup step and repeat banners and fabric banner printing using a dye sublimation process and high resolution digital printing at 720 x 720 to produce high quality graphics and images. This process ensures that your fabric banner will be scratch resistant and washable, so you can use it again and again.

You can machine wash your fabric banner on the gentle cycle in cold water. After washing, you can hang dry or lay the banner flat to dry. Avoid the dryer, bleach, or ironing to prevent damage to the fabric. If there are wrinkles or creases after washing, you can use a hand steamer to get them out. With proper care, your fabric banner will give you years of reliable use. Place your order through our website before 12 pm PST for same day shipping.

Fabric Banner (9 oz. Wrinkle Free)

$1.50 per ft2

Our printable fabric is a three layered woven fabric that is 100% Polyester. This fabric is wrinkle resistant with minimal light reflection. The minimal space between threads on this fabric allows for exceptional print quality and opacity, more than other standard fabrics. Fabric is suitable for table tops, photo backdrops, and elegant pop displays.


  • Maximum size 8’ x 100'
  • High resolution digitally printed at 720 x 720
  • Dye sublimation
  • Scratch resistant 
  • Washable

Material Options:

  • 9 oz. Wrinkle Free Fabric (polyester)


Fabric banners are the most effective alternative to vinyl banners due to their numerous advantages when it comes to advertising. Print Banners make some of the best fabric banners in the market that caters to attractive advertising demands of the clients.

Over time, fabric banners are becoming hugely popular due to their high durability and varied styling ability. Made out of high-quality nylon/polyester, fabric banners remain wrinkle-free for over 3-5 years giving your audience a distraction-free view of your banner. These banners are lightweight and quite easy to carry around. It means less transportation and handling charges.

If you are looking for elegant and high-quality print advertising options, fabric banners is the answer to all your questions. We at Print Banners make sure all your fabric banner needs are met in time without compromising on quality. We use top quality fabrics made out of 100% polyester fabric which is woven in three different layers. Compare it to the standard fabric banners, and you will know the difference.

Go further an extra mile and get custom fabric pop up banner along with correctly sized fabric banner stands for your message to be noticeable. We also offer fabric step and repeat banners which are made using a new technology of dye sublimation and digital printing at a high resolution. This ensures crystal clear graphics and text printed over the premium fabric, in a style that makes your brand outshine.

  1. One day material printing
  2. Custom step and repeat banners
  3. Outdoor fabric mesh banners
  4. High-resolution digital printing
  5. Washable fabric banners
  6. Minimal light reflection assurance
  7. Resistance from scratches

Fabric banners are a delectable choice and work to make your message be displayed bright and clear. Choose from new-age technology and great deals from our services right under our roof.

Q:What do you recommend on fabric cleaning and wash setting?

A: Fabric can be machine washed with cold water and gentle cycle. Lay flat or hang to dry. Wrinkles or creases can be eliminate with hand steamer. Do NOT bleach, tumble dry, or iron.

Q: Does optional velcro come with both loop and hook?

A: 1” optional velcro include both loop and hook and 2” optional velcro include loop only.

Q: What are suggested pole dimensions for optional pole pocket(s)?

A: Please see our recommendation below:

  • 2” pole pocket accommodates 1” diameter pole and under
  • 3” pole pocket accommodates 1.5” diameter pole and under

Q: How to setup artwork files for pole pockets?

A: Your submitted graphic should fit the dimensions of the print you ordered. There is no additional bleed required. There will be a hemline across the graphic, it will be 2" or 3" from the edge of the graphic depending on what sized pole pocket you order.

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Fabric Banner (9 oz. Wrinkle Free)


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